Eric Heitz - Director of Advanced Graphics Research

Jonathan Dupuy - Senior Research Scientist

Laurent Belcour - Senior Research Scientist

Kenneth Vanhoey - Senior Research Scientist
Machine Learning for CGI and Content Creation

Thomas Deliot - Senior Research Engineer

Thomas Chambon - Senior Research Engineer

Frédéric Larue - Senior Research Engineer

Heloise de Dinechin - Research Intern

Ulysse Rigaut - Research Intern


Arthur Dufay - R&D Engineer


Sylvain Durand - Research Intern
Blue-Noise Sampling

Pierre Moreau - Research Intern
Control Variates

Jad Khouri - Research Intern
GPU Tessellation

Philippe Weier - Research Intern
Appearance Modeling

Adele Saint-Denis - Research Intern
Real-Time Style Transfer

Christophe Riccio - R&D Engineer

Corentin Salaun - Research Intern
Blue-Noise Sampling